Aladdin Pants - with small side pocket to the side black


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Aladdin Pants with small front pocket / sideways to tie - black

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Total pants length103cm
Waist size90cm

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Length A: 103 cm, width B: 45 cm , width C: 15 cm

Aladdin Pants with small front pocket / sideways to tying - black- Freesize.

The Aladdin Pants is tied at the side with 2 extended "cloth webs". Depending on the body size, the waist can also be turned around. The Aladdin Pants fits women around the 1.60 m as well as men (see photo) up to the 1.80m. Once again a slightly more attractive model, which is already prepared by the particularly elaborately processed cotton pleasure.

  • Aladdin pants Shalwar-cut
  • unisex
  • 100% cotton
  • Varialble width at the waist
  • Sleepers / Baggy Pants
  • Hippy trousers

Cotton is very absorbent compared to synthetic fibers and can absorb up to eighty percent of its weight in water. Cotton fabrics are very skin-friendly and have an extremely low allergy potential.

Due to its high abrasion resistance and tear strength, it also withstands higher loads.

Cotton is absorbent and absorbs, for example, body moisture. It does not, however, accumulate them, but evenly distributes them to the environment, without causing a sensible evaporation.

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