About Us


Where are we?
We are located in Bangkok, Thailand. All of our goods are shipped from here.

How can you pay for your purchase?
Payment may be made via PayPal or Moneybookers. European customers can make the payment to our European bank account.

Who are we?

We are a family owned business.

What do we do for our customers?

Through my frequent trips to the Land of Smiles, I have come to appreciate the way of life and the diversity of the local culture. Thailand is a country full of contrasts and for foreigners to become involved or even to dare to see beyond the facades to a deeper understanding is not always easy. Nevertheless, it outweighs the fascination for the people and the language.

I was lucky that my partner, Wan, provided me with an even more intense insight into local Thai life. Off the beaten track there is a lot to discover. For instance, on my last trip I had the idea of making some local specialties available to our customers on our website at affordable prices.

Wan and her family do a great job in managing the costs and finding other unique Thai products in Thailand for our customers.

Jing is the Thai word for truth which we try to express, to the best of our knowledge and belief, through our articles and product descriptions.

I hope you understand our philosophy and appreciate our efforts. Perhaps you can recommend us to your friends and family and even add our link to your homepage.

Best wishes, Wan, Lek, Nöi Khaeng, Dan and the rest of the family.

Special thanks to William for editing and his comments on our website!






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