We offer the following payment options:


Please note: Unfortunately, it happens sometimes that people order something and then do not pay. We are not a huge mail-order and can not afford large stocks. We do our best to provide you with great products so we ask you to be fair and reflect on if you really want this. Otherwise either do not place the order or tell us that you want to cancel an existing order.

Then we can release the product for other customers to buy.

If no money is received after 2 weeks, you will automatically get a reminder. If there is no feedback from you after 4 weeks the order will be canceled.

Visa / MasterCard / Paypal

Credit cards (Visa / MasterCard) are carried with us through the Paypal portal.

We do not see your credit card information as payment comes to us indirectly through

your Paypal account.

Payment is received  immediately, and thus the goods can be dispatched faster. Of course you also have the Paypal Buyer Protection. All transactions and submitted forms are SSL encrypted.

The same rules apply to payment processing with Moneybookers.


For Our European Customers:


Payment can be made to our European bank account.