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Discover alternative clothing for men and women at Jing Shop

Why alternative fashion from the Jing Shop?

The Jing Shop team started in 2009 by searching for alternative clothing in the countless, colorful markets in the heart of Bangkok.

Especially the markets around the Pratunam area fascinated us. Originally, we started with the world-famous Thai fisherman's pants and quickly realized that the search for them was not so easy.
Over the years we were able to expand our range of alternative fashion through our travels through Thailand.

Especially the direct contact to the producers was important to us. This way we can mostly guarantee that the producers get the price for their products that they need to secure their existence.
In addition, we found more and more exciting, alternative products - be it from the hill tribes in northern Thailand or the production communities that concentrated on manufacturing special products under the OTOP label.

In the years that followed, Aladdin pants and harem pants were very popular and the hill tribes in themselves had a huge selection of traditional patterns and embroidery techniques.

Is the acquisition now cultural appropriation? In this case, I think I can answer with a very clear no.
The rather structurally weak north of Thailand suffers immensely from urban migration, because a large part of the, in relation to Bangkok, poor population wants to try their luck in the capital, so to speak.
Accordingly, we and you thus support the existence and also the preservation of old cultural techniques, which would no longer continue without the production and sale.
The products are also made for say the own tribes, but the export has made possible for many people the chance of a better living.
The Thais themselves, at least in the urban middle class buy the traditional products rather rarely, so that, as said to a large extent for tourists and the export is manufactured.

Is the alternative fashion in the Jing Shop fair trade?
Yes and no, we buy from a lot of different producers. This means that we can't afford fair trade certification at all.
This would mean that we would have to raise the prices of the products considerably, but the producers would have nothing to gain from this.
Perhaps we would be able to sell more alternative clothing, because many customers justifiably attach great importance to such labels, but due to the above-mentioned circumstances, this is not an option in our case.
We pay, as I said, always the price that the producers call.the producers know best what they can or must charge for their work. We have a very simple formula. We do fifty-fifty with the manufacturers, so to speak, i.e. the final price with us is calculated from the purchase price x 2 plus shipping costs, taxes, etc.pp.
But from our half we pay the warehouse, advertising, personnel costs, etc., etc. So we think that this is a fair solution.
You profit from a transparent calculation base and therefore relatively low prices and still support small family businesses and production communities.
Since the calculation base is always the same, there may be fluctuations in our prices. We recalculate the prices daily based on the Thai Baht. I hope we could give you a little look behind the scenes to better understand how and where our alternative fashion is produced. All the love from Daniel, Wan and the rest of the Jing Shop crew




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