Harem pants, care, tips and trends

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Harem pants Tips and trends

Oriental pants comfort from Thailand

In the following, we would also like to bring the different styles of harem pants closer . We have been offering these trousers since the advent of the trend and now have a wide range of different harem pants in our range. Our range is more focused on Alternative Street Wear. Bohemian Hippie Style - in short Haute Hippie. Many trousers are unisex - i.e. suitable for women and men. We have a practical filter in our shop so that you can find the right waist width or trouser length faster.

We offer harem pants in cotton and rayon/viscose from casual streetwear to ethno game goa pants to the chicer versions in short and long.

Benefits of harem pants

Harem pants (originally Sirwal) are oriental, long and wide pants characterized by a deep cut, often rejuvenating legs and a little more air at the hips. Most of our trousers have a more or more dry wide, smoked rubber band, tw. still equipped with an extra drawstring in order to be as comfortable as possible at the hip and waist and also to be variable by the support method. This makes many trousers "One Size Fits Most". You should still keep an eye on the length of your trousers and elastic cuffs at the ankles can be beneficial if the trousers may be a tick too long.

Short harem pants/aladin pants

Especially popular is our short harem pants with the extra deep cut of a Bohemian style aladin pants with the model number KBH-3 which we have in stock in different colors. Simply enter the search term KBH in the search box above

Harem pants for parties, festivals, sports, yoga, belly dance

Wonderfully chilly are the TCML Harem pants made of cotton which have a wide moked waist band are very variable in height and waist and due to the deep cut a aladin pants excellent for smallergrown women and men are suitable. This is made possible by the variable cuffs on the ankles and the high mouthband.

Practical care tips for your harem pants

How easy a harem pants are depends on their material. Mostly, due to the typical cut, flowing substances are used. Synthetic fibres such as polyester are uncomplicated: they can be washed up to 40 degrees in the machine. Clean them particularly gently in the gentle wash cycle with fine detergent. This also applies to more sensitive fibers such as viscose, but it only tolerates 30 degrees. In addition, wash them only with similar clothes or protect your harem pants with a laundry net. Then gently dry them in the air.

Tip: If elastane is processed, you should avoid softening, as it strains the tissue.




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