Shop Redesign

Posted on4 Years ago

Dear customers and Jing-Shop friends. We took the opportunity of the low season to totally rework the Jing-Shop Website.

It is still work in progress as it is relatively complicated to update the website in all 4 languages we provide. We also needed to update the website first, to have the newest shop software up and running. We are not finished but we are happy so far with the outcome which should especially give the shop a far better look and feel on mobile devices which are becoming more and more important.

There are many new improvements as we hope the wish list module will now work and there is a new feature that lets you "love" or "favor" items you like.

The next step will be to rearrange some of the products which we think should be better bundled in combinations to get a faster overview of the different products we have. We hope you enjoy the new features and please let us know if something does not work by sending us a message through the contact form.




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